Friday, September 27, 2013

Holiday Recount 1

Hope you enjoy!

I can't wait  Hi everyone, Today I and my Mum are going to the Pakin'save to buy some fruit salad and Tongan food. We are going to buy some Marshmallows and some packed of chips. We came back and set the food so we can make them. We are making Tongan food and Fruit salad and some cakes for tommorow. Tomorrow is the white day for the ladies. It going to be fun. My Mum and Nana are going to Favona. Favona is a free Tongan church at Mangere.

They are going to Favona with the Ladies at our church  They are going to Favona for the roll call for the womens of the free church. I helped my Mum opened each cans of Mandarins and helped her cooking. Now my Older sister is making the fruit salad in a big bowl and foiled it and put it in the fridge and ready for tomorrow. Now my Mum is just putting her clothes out ready for tomorrow she is wearing a white beautiful clothes. It so shiny and it has nice patterns and beautiful flowers on it.

I decided to post this because it my first time posting my first Holiday recount this year. I hope you all enjoy my first Holiday recount this year! I will post some tomorrow  I will tell you about it. Good - Bye.

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