Saturday, September 28, 2013

Holiday Recount 2

White day

Ola! everyone, Are you having fun! on 14 days off! 

Today My Mum and my Nana went to Favona to the Free church at Mangere. They had a nice breakfast and they left. They left at 10:00am in the morning. After they left I cleaned up the house, had shower and brushed my teeth, had Breakfast and got ready. I was dressing up my niece too. 

We finished dressing up and we went to the hall at our church. We put the food on the table and when we finished setting them up. We put a white cloth on top of it before the food falls over or something happens to it. I waited inside the car for my Nana and my Mum to come back from their roll call. I was thinking that they had a good roll call and a good September. I looked at the time on my sisters ipad, it was 11:50am. I was looking at the street for our car and I watched and I saw some big cars and some small mini cars, I finally saw the white small car. It was my Mum and Nana, they looked so beautiful when they came out of the car. I took a photo of them and some of the ladies on the iPad. We went inside the Hall and the Ladies had to go first and sit at their seats.

 After that the priest came inside the hall and sat at the front table with the other priests, I sat next to my Mum. Our priest did a prayer and when the prayer finished we took the white cloth off and started to eat. The food was yum when I tasted them. I ate lots of food and drank some drinks. I ate lots of chocolate bars and some chips, I was full. When I finished eating my sister came and ate after me. My Mum and I went outside and I asked her if she was full up and she said "Yes this is the best day ever!" I smiled. Me and my Mum went and waited at the car.  I was waiting for my Sister to finish eating so we could go home. I felt tired after eating and I was thinking that I should go home and take a rest. 

When it was finished we came home and put the foods that we came with on the table. I was thinking at the Car that I was tired and that I should go sleep. But GUEST WHAT! I came back home and played with my nieces and she was Two years old. It was nearly her birthday coming up next Month! I went out on the lovely sunny day and teached her how to throw a ball and catch it with two hands. After I was teaching her, she knows how to throw a ball high and catch it. I was proud of her because I used to teach her how to throw a ball but she always throw the the ball backwards and I get angry.But I think this is the day that she will learn how to catch a ball and throw at the right way. After playing with my Nieces I decided to post about what happened today. So I called my Nieces her name is Briana. 

I called her to come and help me sort out the wires for the connection She was a very good help. So I got on and typed this Recount of what happened. My favorite food that I ate at the hall was a Hawaiian food it was sort of a salad. It was delicious. GUEST WHAT AGAIN.!!!!! I am going with my Mum,Dad and Brothers and Sisters to a Restaurant. The Restaurant name is called THE HAPPY DAYS!!! Happy days is my Favorite Restaurant. Happy days in Manukau it near the Buffet king. I hope it will be Sunny Tomorrow so it can be a Happy day like we are going to a Happy day Restaurant.... GOOD -BYE everyone. I will post some about The Happy days tomorrow!!! Gracious.

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