Friday, September 27, 2013

Duffy Theatre

On 23TH September. After Morning tea. The whole school line up outside to go the Duffy Theatre. we sat down inside the school hall.

There were three people at the show and it was a Samoan girl and a Boy and a Kiwi Boy. I can tell it was a Kiwi boy. We sang the Duffy Show I love the duffy song because it has actions in it. Why they came and show us the duffy show because they are telling us about reading and experience. The Topic for the show was Duffy Loses his Words. We were playing some games before the show started with Lose we were playing a Samoan game it was the clapping game.
It was fun. The show started my favorite characters in the show was Scuffy. He was funny at the show. One Day Duffy was sleeping and Vautra was like a bad guy that wanted to take Duffy’s words out of him. So he won’t read again and also spell a word.

Duffy was dreaming and Vautra and Miss Rude were challenging about Animals and also foods. Vautra didn’t like Rhymes and Afi likes Rhymes. Miss rude won the challenge and miss Lovely was next and they have to talk about dinosaurs Vautra was struggling and Miss Lovely won it the challenged. Duffy woke up and it was school time. Duffy and Afi have to do a test. A paper plane was flowing up the sky and landed on duffy. Duffy’s mum said to take the Rubbish to the trash. It seems  and strange. Duffy took his Toy box and he didn’t know where the sugar are? He putted Salt on his breakfast and it taste nasty. Duffy nearly used his dad's shaving cream to brush his teeth.

The note said if you want to challenged with me you have to say my name three times. Duffy didn’t want to call his name. Because Afi and him were at school at the moment. But Duffy wanted to fight the last challenged with Vautra. Afi  was helping Duffy win. Duffy called out autra names three times. Vautra appeared and the challenged was doing word search. But Duffy already loses his words. We were helping Duffy shout out the words so he can spell it on his broad.
When it was time for Duffy to show it to us. He was spelling it in Maori. I think the words were similar to the words that Vautra spelt.
We help Duffy, and help and help. Duffy won the challenged vautra disappear and he went into space through the door and Duffy and Afi need to say Vautra’s name backward. Afi knocked on the door Vautra was gone forever. Now Afi and Duffy can go back and tell stories to Scruffy. That is Duffy’s little brother and Scruffy can read now and tell stories and Afi can’t read books now. The show was finished.
I felt happy that the Duffy Theatre came and tell us reading. I really enjoyed the show with Duffy, Afi and Scruffy. I hope the Duffy Theatre comes again and tells us some more news about reading.

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