Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kids For Kids Recount

I can’t wait for Kids For Kids Tonight!
On 23Th September it was time for Room 3 to go to Kids for Kids at the Life Convention Centre at Mangere.

I felt excited. I got ready to go to the Life Convention Centre and I picked up Joanna because she had no ride. We took a map to see where the Life Convention Centre was. My Dad and I was struggled to find the street to get to the concert but we found it. We parked at the road and I saw lots of children wearing colourful clothes. Joanna and I walked to the backstage and my Dad and my sister walked to the entrance and took their Tickets to the front door.I was looking for Miss G and I saw some of Room 3 there, they were playing Knuckle bones.

Daynah told us that it time to get on the stage. We went up to the stage and I can see lots of people taking photos and I saw my Dad and Sister, they were taking photos too. We started singing with Jackie and Nathan and they were wearing bright colours too. We sang Haere mai, it was fun and there were lots of people. The lights were bright while we did some actions and we sang lots of songs in the first half. We had to go and have a break so we went backstage and some of us went to Toilets and then Miss G gave us Monkey Barrel to play. Miss G also gave us some snacks it was biscuits and chocolates.

We have to get back on stage and we sat down on the benches, I was uncomfortable and it was hot but fun. The second Half was funnier than the first half. Rosaline did well with her solo singing. She’s a Mod was my favourite in the second half, it was fun because that was the last song of the show. Kids For Kids was fun! My favourite part of the show was She’s a Mod and Haere Mai!

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