Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Filming Reflection

Room 3 have been making their first movie for the the 2013 Film Festival. We had planned it and storyboarded it in one of our scrapbooks. We all had a part to do in our movie and we all knew what to do and what place we were going to film it.

We were in four groups and the groups were filming on different days. Some of them were filming next week because their actors were at Rugby, we were one of them. We all knew what to do and we sorted it out by ourselves. I was excited because it was our first time to make our first movie. Our Topic of our movie is Success. Success is like Achieving Goals. We had different part of our movie. Some of us were Actors and some were Directors and Camera Operators. When we finished making our movie Miss G edited the movie with the help of the Directors. We needed to put some captions in our movie so we could explained to the audience about our movie.

Then the Director of the groups sat with Miss G again and did the final editing of the movie. Then we watched and some of the parts were funny. We have finished our movie and our parts are all done. I was a director in my group. Miss G picked the song for our movie because she knew that this was the right song for our movie. Miss G is going to do a small trailer of our movie so it can get the audience interested in our movie. I hope Room 3 have a great movie for the Film Festival of 2013.

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