Saturday, November 16, 2013

Galaxy Note 3! :)

Hi Everyone! What up!

Today when I and my sister came back from school. My Mum said that she got a new phone and I thought it was just the mini phones. But then when I saw it Damm! My eyes were so shocked and it cool and big. My hands were shaking when I touched it and it comes out with a pen at the bottom of it and it so fun. I and my Twin sister download some games onto my Mum's phone and it was so cool touching it and it was so shiny and Awesome! I can't describe the phone to you, Audience who is reading my blog. :)

Tomorrow I and my sister and Mum are going to shopping tomorrow and we are going on the train and I can't wait and we are going to Sylvia Park to check my new phone! I am excited to get my new phone and look at it and play on it. :) AMAZING! :) Thank you God! :) May God bless you!

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