Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reading Test! :)

Today at class in Room 3 I was wondering if Miss G would call out my name to go to Reading test because my favourite subject is Reading.

When we finished out prayer and we packed it up with our reviler teacher Miss Denny. The ring began to ring! Ring! Ring! I crossed my fingers and I closed my eyes and Miss Denny was talking then she shut the phone and she called out "Albert and Tokilupe go to the Peace room". I opened my eyes and I smiled then we walked out of the classroom and ran to the Peace room and Miss G was there with Kanesini. Miss G gave I and Albert a book to read. My first book's name was The Greatest Mountains. I read the book twice so I can understand what it means. 

Then Miss G told me to come and she said " You will read me the story and I will tell some questions about the book". I read and read to the end of the story and Miss G said out some questions to me and she said " What is the story about"? I said "The story is about Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbed up the highest mountains in the entire world. Which is called Mount Everest. Then I have to read my Second book and the name was Snowboarding and I did the same like the first time I went to Miss G. She asked me the same and she gave me another book which is the 3rd and the name of the 3rd book was called Dogs should be on the leash.

My eyes were shocked that I am actually reading four books in my reading Test. Because I haven't read any books like up two 32 only one so I think I did tried my best this term. Same thing again and I moved on to my 4th book and I felt sorry for Miss G because she has to do all of that to test me and asked me questions about the book that I read. So when I finished reading my 4th book I went back to class and called Asipeli for Miss G. It took me half an hour or an hour with Miss G testing. It was kind of fun with her. She was cool. She's the best Teacher I've been through this year and this term and also Mrs Denny. :) Miss G said "I moved on to Level 24 to 28 and I was proud of myself that I moved up so yeah! :)

I was all tired when I came back from reading test and I missed out my Maths and I finished my Art and Writing. So Yeah that is all I was telling about. :) I hope you enjoy Gracious! My favourite book that I read was Snowboarding, The greatest Mountains and why dogs should be on Leash.

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