Friday, November 1, 2013

Prompt Writing 2

Once upon a time there was a girl who was a mermaid. The girl’s name was Laura and her brother’s name was Lucas. Laura and Lucas went to the beach and it had heaps of people. Laura was scared to show herself to everyone, that she was a mermaid.

Laura loved the water and she wished she could swim at the beach but Lucas needed to take Laura back to Rhode Island. Rhode Island is where Laura’s Mother is. Laura’s mother is a mermaid too and her name is Flora. Flora is the Queen of Rhode Island.

Flora told Laura if she wanted to change herself back to normal then she needed to go to Rhode Island and use the power normal. Laura remembered what her mother said to change her back. They went to Rhode Island and said Hi to their Mum.

Flora was proud to see Lucas and Laura. She said to her son and daughter. “Why are you guys here?” Laura said “Mother I came to change back to normal” Flora went to the power room and took out a long golden and blue stick. It was flashing and shiny. Flora said “Pricha, Pricha, Normal, Normal” Laura was back to normal and she was happy and excited to be able to swim at the beach with her friends.

Flora said “Kids remember to take care of yourself, one day I will be back to normal but I am just taking care of the things in here because we have a tournament to fight the Meman”. Laura wanted to help her mother but it was too late, she is back to normal and the fight was nearly starting. Laura and Lucas needed to go back, they missed their mum.

When they got to the beach there were still heaps of people laying down on the sand and some were swimming. Laura and Lucas raced to the beach and Laura couldn’t believe that she was actually swimming in front of a mass of people. Laura and Lucas had a good swim in the sea. When Laura and Luca got back home they were surprised that their mother Flora was back home and she was normal. “Mum, you’re here. Why are you here?” Flora said “I am here because I wanted to stay with you because I have missed you” Laura asked “Mum did you guys win the fight with the seals?” Flora said “Yes! my darling we scared them off and took back our water that they took” Flora and Laura and also Lucas lived happily ever after.

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Miss G said...

Well done with your narrative Tokilupe, I really liked your problem that you used. Just make sure that you are keeping on the same topic and not drifting off into a new problem before resolving the first one. Keep up the great improvement that you are consistantly making :-)

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