Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Prompt 5!

Characters: Austin, Poppie,Josh and Rose.
Problems: Austin and Poppie got marks from the old Vacuum.
Solution: Josh and Rose throw the Vacuum in the Trash bin.

Once upon a time there was a family lived in Cartago. The Mother’s name was Rose and the Father’s name was Josh. They were always a happy family and they always play spend time with their childrens.
Rose had two childrens with Josh and they were a girl and a boy.
The girl’s name was Poppie and the boy’s name was Austin. They were always happy like their Mother and Father.

One day they went shopping and they brought lots of food and lots of toys. When Austin and Poppie went home they wanted to play with the Vacuum because they both knew it was fun and it make you laugh with the air. Rose and Josh shouted upstairs to Austin “You better watch out before it hurt one of yous”. Austin was happy and they went home and they and got the vacuum and they turned it on. Austin was first and he blowed it and it was ticklish and he laughed. It was Poppie turn and it made her laughed too and it was ticklish. Then Austin and Poppie played and Played on it then these marks were on their faces.
Poppie and Austin were scared and they ran downstairs and showed Rose and Josh.

Josh was worried and Rose and Josh took Poppie and Austin to the doctor. When they got to the Doctor they went to Dr.Vile and Dr.Vile said “The marks on Austin’s face it getting bad. Because the Vacuum belongs to a country in North. The man who made this Vacuum was John Master and he was a good man but he died long time ago and he made his own Vacuum in North. Josh didn’t understand how did it came here. Dr.Vile said because he sold it here then we died. Dr. Vile said “This Vacuum is too old to use because it gets marks on other people and when you Vacuum the house. Josh and Rose took the Vacuum to the the trash bin and Dr. Vile gave Popie and Austin some medicines and the Dr. Vile said that Austin’s marks is worser than Popppie. So Austin and Poppie said Thank You to Dr. Vile and they swallowed the tablet that Dr. Vile gave them and they swallowed once daily.

Poppie and Austin marks on their faces was getting better and Austin and Poppie was happy and they said to each “We will never turned on the Vacuum and blow it on our faces. Poppie and the little happy family celebrated their night with a fun evening and they celebrate Rose birthday! The little family from Cartago lived happily ever after.

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