Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Practise Prompt 4

Characters: Jason, Elizabeth, Mum Jade and Dad is Tony.
Settings the Scene: Outside their House.
Problem: There was a Monster that belongs to India.  

Once upon a Time there lived a small family in a house it big and the house was so beautiful. Jason and Elizabeth went outside to play Basketball. They heard a noise. Elizabeth was horrified Jason. “Jason, Jason can you hear that?” Whispered Elizabeth.

Jason couldn't hear anything but they were silent for about 2 seconds and they heard a sound it was BEEP! BONG! TONG! Jason was scared and they both ran inside the house and they told Tony and Jade. Jade got the phone and Tony got the bat. The family went outside and they looked above the trees and they look under the trees and everywhere. they looked everywhere and then they saw a Monster! Elizabeth and Jason was screaming! AHHH AHH! “ That’s the monster that made us scared”!!!!!!! Elizabeth and Jason ran inside the house and hid under their bed. Elizabeth and Jason were silent. Tony and Jade hit the monster and it was jumpy around the trees and it was scary. It had big yellow eyes and it makes childrens scared. Tony and Jade thought it was cute.

When Tony picked up the monster Jade whispered “Watch out before it do something to you”? Tony walked with the monster carefully and Tony was acting to the monster that he is going to feed the monster. But Tony Shouted “Jade grab the cage and called Elizabeth and Jason downstairs”! Jade grabbed the Cage and Tony put the monster inside the cage and lock it up. Jade went upstairs and called Jason and Elizabeth downstairs. Jade said “It alright Tony’s got it”. Jason and Elizabeth were so excited and they ran downstairs and Tony and Jade hugged them all and The monster began to bite Jason and Jason Screamed !” Ouch”!!!! Tony got shocked and Tony and Jade went to the Vet and they both told the Vet “If they know where does this monster belongs to or which country he belong to”?

The Vet Lady said it belong to India and Tony asked “ If this monster can send back to India”? The Vet lady said “Yes there is a Van waiting for all those monster because they are very Danger” The monster can kill humans.  The Vet lady took the monster to a room and put it inside the van with all those monsters who belongs to Indian. Tony and Jade droved back home and told Elizabeth and Jason and Jason and Elizabeth was so happy and excited and not scared. The family lived happily ever after and they celebrate the night with a party with their friends and Family. The family shouted out loud “This was a Long Journey for this day”!

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