Saturday, November 30, 2013

Culture Day Recount

On Friday 22th November, When I woke up I was sad because I missed out on the Cultural day. My sister and Brothers went to school and they said “ Yay! We have cultural day today”! I wish I wasn’t sick so I could go to school. Because it was boring at home staying in bed. But it was fun with my Mum and my little brother at home.

When we dropped off my brother and sister to school, I saw some the girls from Room 3 and I wished I was at school because I missed out of the Cultural day. I was worried who is going to say my part of the script out for my presentation. I hoped the people from Argentina would do well and not get nervous also that they would do well with their dance. My Mum and my little brother and me went to the shops and brought us some groceries.

We went home and had breakfast, I watched T.V with my little brother, then my Dad called my Mum and asked us to go to his work because we needed to bring his papers because he left them at home. We went and gave them to him. I was watching the clock move to 2.00pm. I said to my Mum “Mum, it’s 2.00pm now” My Mum said “ Let’s go and pick up Folauhola and your brothers”. I said “Bye” to my Dad.

We arrived to school. I saw on the field that room 6 was playing Touch and some of the girls from Room 6 was playing tiggy in the big Park. I watched them play then the bell rang and they left. I saw some of the patrols and the teacher. My sister and brother came and I asked them “was the culture day fun?” they all said “Yes! it was amazing and it was cool” My sister said that “Room 3’s one was the best and the dance was cool.” I asked “Did anyone say my script?” Folauhola said “Yes! it was Kalolaine.” I smiled then we went home and they told me everything that happened on the Cultural Day.

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