Sunday, November 17, 2013

Film Festival :)

This is going to be exciting! On 13th November Saint Pius X School went to the Sylvia park to watch our movies. When the bell rang the whole school went to the hall. We said our pray and sang the school prayer then at 9:30AM the bus had arrived to our school, there were two buses waiting for us.

We arrived to the Sylvia Park and there were other buses parking and I saw Glen Innes Primary school and Panmure Bridge school. When we went inside the theatre we already saw some other schools in there and Miss G and Mr Coakley and the presenters from our school. It was so exciting to watch other schools movies. It took a while the movie to start. Room 3 from Saint Pius X School started.

The Film Festival has been going for 6 years, it started in 2007. Alecia and Patrick were our presenters and they were good. Patrick was a little bit nervous but some of the students from the other school’s didn’t notice that. We watched our movie, the song of our movie was Roar by Katy Perry. Our movies name was Success!. It was fun seeing our smiles.

The other school had their turn to show their movies. The names of our movies from Saint Pius X School were Lockdown, Success, Faith and Harmony - Friends and Nana Mihi and the Rainbow. There were 5 schools at the theatre. There was going to be lots of movies showing at night. Alecia and Patrick would be presenting our movies and Sommerville School’s ones at night. Sommerville is a special school. We watched about 17 movies that morning. I was uncomfortable sitting on the Hoyts chairs.

When we finished the movies and a boy said something about the Manaiakalani then we went back to school and had our lunch. Some of us were tired and hungry.

My favourite movie that I watched from the other schools was The Magic Teacher. The Magic Teacher was a movie filmed by St. Patricks School. The movie was about their Teacher where she knew what the boy was doing on his netbook. The boy’s name was Folau, he went to the tunnel with his netbook and played games. The teacher snapped him and I got shocked when the teacher appeared.

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