Sunday, November 10, 2013

Practise Prompt 6!

Characters: Lola,Max and AJ. Pilly and Mum and Dad.
Problem: Lola’s Pet had no one to play with.
Solution: To go to the beach and there was a puppy and the puppy played with AJ.

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved playing with her dog but the girl was always busy going to school and doing her homework. The girl’s name was Lola. Lola always take care of her dog and she wished a pet or someone can play with her dog. But her Mum and Dad was busy too because Lola was the only kid and girl from her family.

One day on a sunny day Lola and her Mum and Dad went to the beach and Lola. Lola saw a puppy running on the beach and Lola had a problem she wanted someone to play with her dog. Lola and her dog sat down and the puppy ran over to Lola’s dog and Lola’s Dog name is AJ and AJ was licking Lola and Lola was happy that the puppy had played with AJ. The owner of AJ’s friends name is Max and Max said "Finally there is a dog to play with my puppy”! Lola and Max was happy that a puppy has played with their pets. Max’s puppy’s name is Pilly. Lola’s problem was washed away. Lola and AJ and also Max’s Pet had a celebrate and also with Lola’s Mum and Dad and they lived happily ever after and now Lola can do her work and homework instead of thinking of about AJ alone.

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