Monday, November 4, 2013

Prompt Practise 3!

Once upon a there were two girls born and their names were Jasmine and Nicole. They loved to go to the Zoo and their favourite animals were the Elephant, even though Elephant is big and large and they can hurt us but they both loved them.

When Jasmine and Nicole woke up they went to the Zoo. When they went to the zoo they saw their favourite animal the Elephant. The Elephant was trapped in a cage. The other cage there were heaps of people trapped in a cage too and they were all squashed. Jasmine and Nicole helped get rid of the tigers that were attacking the people and the Elephants and all the animals. The workers of the Zoo were inside the cage too. Jasmine and Nicole were trying to get the Tigers inside the cage and lock them up, but the tigers were so tough and huge.

Suddenly the Elephants saw Jasmine and Nicole and the they jumped the cage and the Elephants jumped and broked the cage then the elephants came running down the tigers and the tiger were so nervous and scared. The Tiger ran to the other side but there way to get out. Jasmine and Nicole opened the cage and helped the people and the workers out so they can put the tiger in the cage. The tiger were so red and they were angry and noisy when Jasmine and the people locked away the four tigers away. When the tigers were locked away the people and the workers were all happy and they cheered and they said “Jasmine and Nicole you guys have saved our lives!"

The people and the workers all cheered and they were happy. The workers and Jasmine and Nicole decided to send the tigers back to where they belonged. The tigers belonged to South Africa and that is where all the tigers families are. Jasmine and Nicole agreed to
take the tigers back because they might hurt the Elephants again and also the people who visit the Zoo. The people and Jasmine and also Nicole lived happily ever after. They all celebrated the night and they were happy they celebrated also with Fireworks.

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Miss G said...

Great to see the structure of a narrative is here. Just remember when you are writing in past tense you use 'ed' at the end of some of your words.

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