Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Netbook Journey!

Hello every,

Today at school my teacher Miss G allowed the students who takes their Net-books home and I am taking my Net-book everyday. After school I am on my Net-book and I need to finished my homework and I need to focus on it today. So I can finished a little bit tomorrow with my reliever teacher. Tomorrow morning we are having a Reading Test Tomorrow. 

I will be prepare for my Reading test. I've got Pencil ready and I am ready for my breakfast tomorrow morning. I need to take my tablets from the nurse about Rheumatic Fever and the nurses said that my throat is horrible so they are aware of that. Bye! Need to finished my Homework!  I am going to show you some photos with me juz chillenz around and some of them I fell so juz ingorn hahah Enjoy :)

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